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Justin Moore

Sponsored Post Podcast

Welcome to Sponsored Post Podcast: Behind-the-Lens of How Influential Content is Made. Sponsored Post Podcast is hosted by Justin Moore, Founder & CEO of Trending Family. In each episode, Justin sits down with influencers and industry professionals to discuss the exciting and complex world of influencer marketing.

About Trending Family

Trending Family partners with brands and agencies to curate family influencer communities and produce engaging digital content. As an influencer-led agency, our agency has firsthand expertise in producing video that reaches parents, kids, and diverse families at all life stages. Our team understands how today’s families make consumer decisions and will create a unique strategy to tell your brand story using diverse digital platforms…all while handling the tedious campaign details and giving you real-time access to content results on our client dashboard. 

Working with Trending Family means effortlessly bringing creative content to life, starting authentic conversations about your brand, and developing relationships with our family of influencers across social media.

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